Online Dating Identity Theft

Posted on February 16, 2008. Filed under: Information Security, Information Technology, Love, Psychology, Relationships, Web Sites |

Saranow, Jennifer. “The Cut-and-Paste Personality.” Wall Street Journal. 16 Feb. 2008: W1.
Wall Street Journal web site

On online dating web sites such as and, some folks are cutting and pasting others’ witty and attractive “About Me” profiles rather than crafting their own. This is in an attempt to more effectively “market themselves” to whomever they want to date.

There are a few colorful stories in this article about people who got caught, mostly when they actually went on dates and their in-person conversations contrasted sharply with their online descriptions.

I also learned from this article that now people can hire dating coaches.

And there’s a book out called Online Dating for Dummies.

Read Jennifer Saranow’s full Wall Street Journal article.


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5 Responses to “Online Dating Identity Theft”

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What next? People are trying all sorts of crazy things these days to snare the love of their life.

[…] Dating Identity Theft unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOn online dating web sites such as […]

nice work, dude

I have been the victim of Dating ID Theft, and have told my story in a book called “Oops I married a Con Artist!” It not for sale, but given away for free. The point is there is a whole lot more of this going on than people care to admit. It is downright embarrassing, but the man I married used the credit cards from TWO previous marriage to finance our HONEYMOON! This is not as uncommon as you like to think. However, most people are too ashamed or embarrassed to admit it, especially when law enforcement does not and can not do nothing about ID theft or other theft within a relationship (community property law, civil law, etc protects the perpetrator, by making the crime into a civil matter). Therefore, when you try to get law enforcement involved, and they can’t help and won’t help, you get the message that you were just plain stupid to get involved with such a person! That’s not the case, but that’s the message being sent. The only thing to do in this era of EASY ANONYMITY, is to be proactive. To find out more you may go to The Dating Passport Website to get the free story “Oops I married a con artist!”

Deborah Nelson

what an earth is the point of using someone elses descriptions, why would anyone really want to, surely if you planned on meeting people face to face, you would want to be assured that they are liking you because you are you and not because you are pretending to be something you are not, that will soon be discovered upon meeting. Its pathetic

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